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41) About The Commons

The Commons is located in a 26-acre area in the southwest portion of Hermann Park, bordering the Houston Zoo to ...

42) Main Section

Main Section


Designed by renowned landscape architect George Kessler, the first plan for the Park in 1915 laid the groundwork for signature ...

44) Background

45) Commons Hours

The Commons is open the same hours as the rest of Hermann Park, from 6 a.m. to 11 p ...

46) Board Documents

47) A New Era of Public Art

Launched in 2010, contemporary public art exhibitions have been a staple of what people see and experience when they visit ...

48) Cherie Flores Garden Pavilion

The Cherie Flores Garden Pavilion serves as the main entryway to the McGovern Centennial Gardens and offers a stunning view ...

49) Space


50) Fact #1

The Grand Basin, part of Hermann Park’s early plans, was created in 1925. Decades later, a gift from Kathrine ...