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    2022 Hats in the Park honorees Sandy Godfrey and Franci Neely | Jenny Antill

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    2022 Hats in the Park co-chairs Lori Sarofim, Melissa Juneau, and Christine Falgout-Gutknecht | Jenny Antill

The 13th annual Hats in the Park took place on Thursday, March 24, 2022 at Houston’s own secret garden – the McGovern Centennial Gardens. Similar to the garden in the 1911 novel, the McGovern Centennial Gardens is a magical place of rejuvenation, healing, and calm, but right in the heart of a bustling city.

This year Hats in the Park honored Sandy Godfrey and Franci Neely, longstanding allies of the Conservancy and supporters of Hats in the Park since it began in 2008.

The event was chaired by Christine Falgout-Gutknecht, Melissa Holman Juneau, and Lori Sarofim.

Hats in the Park raises funds to support the Conservancy's mission to maintain and improve Hermann Park through daily volunteer and stewardship programs.