Hats in the Park

Zoom 2020 Hats in the Park chairs, Mary D'Andrea, Gina Bhatia, Allison Thacker. Photo by Jenny Antill. 

2020 Hats in the Park chairs, Mary D'Andrea, Gina Bhatia, Allison Thacker. Photo by Jenny Antill. 

Please note: The 2020 Hats in the Park luncheon, chaired by Mary D'Andrea, Gina Bhatia, and Allison Thacker and honoring Sandy Godfrey, has been canceled.

The event raises funds to support the Conservancy's mission to maintain and improve Hermann Park through daily volunteer and stewardship programs.  

This year's event will not be rescheduled. Please stay tuned for information for the 2021 luncheon.

We would like to thank the 2020 Hats in the Park underwriters.

Sandy Godfrey

Franci Neely

Kathrine G. McGovern

McGovern Foundation

Cockrell Family Fund

Gina and Dr. Devinder Bhatia / Mary and Dr. Mark D'Andrea

Cherie Flores

Cynthia Guill

Carol and Michael Linn

Stephanie Tsuru

Phoebe Tudor

Randa Weiner

Henrietta Alexander

Marianna Brewster / Linda Kelly

CenterPoint Energy

The CKP Group

Susie and Sanford Criner / Cece and Mack Fowler

Carolyn Davis


Hildebrand Fund

Sis Johnson / Marley Lott / Vallette Windham

Carolyn Moore Khourie

Letty Knapp

Petrello Family Foundation

Allison and Troy Thacker

Nicola Fuentes Toubia

Kim Tutcher


Laura Wareing Wheless / Kelley Young

Laura and Vineet Bhatia

Alex Blair and Mark Grace

Karen Blue

Karen Bradshaw

Kristy Bradshaw

Nataya and Johnny Carter

Gracie Cavnar

Anne Chao

C. C. Conner

Hilda Curran

Isabel David

Valerie Dieterich

Lesha Elsenbrook

Stephanie Fleck

Mignon Gill

Melanie Gray and Mark Wawro

Amy and Joseph Grinstein

Linda Hunsaker

Johnny Steele Design

Demetra C. Jones

Melissa Holman Juneau

Shelley and Alex Kaplan

Elizabeth Kidd

Anne Kushwaha

Harriet Latimer

Stacey Lindseth

Kelley Lubanko

Nancy Manderson

Elena and Kenneth Marks

Frances Marzio

Gretchen McFarland

Dina McMearn

Anne C. Mendelsohn

Judy Nyquist

Kathleen O’Reilly

Perry Homes Foundation

Alison and Cullen Powell

Beth Robertson

Kaitlyn Scheurich

Scurlock Foundation

Ann and Don Short

Ginny Simmons

Leigh M. Smith


Ellen Susman

Karen and Harry Susman

Judy Tate


Brittney and Max Tribble

Rini and Edward Ziegler

Dorothy Ables

Jennifer Allison

Ashley K. Amsbaugh

Lindley Arnoldy

Varda Dror Fields

Martha Finger

Ellie Francisco

Jo and Jim Furr

Morgan Garvey

Lela Gibbs

Lauren Harrison

Caroline Kenney

Mary Louise Kinder

Tama Brooks Klosek

Polina Kyriakides

Renee Lewis

Nancy Littlejohn

Tracy Livingston

Michele Marandi

DeeDee Marsh

Kimberly Martin

Janet McCarter

Nancy McGregor

Roslyn Bazzelle Mitchell

Ginni Mithoff

Denise Monteleone

Eileen Moody

Sue Moore

Mary W. Murrin

H. Joe Nelson III

Allison O’Neill

Pamela Ott

Cabrina Owsley

Karen Payne

Amanda Hughes Pickering

Melinda Perrin

Bette Schein Pesikoff

Alicia Raymond

Macey Reasoner

Shelley Reeves

Julie Devillier Sanchez

Kelley Scofield

Heidi M. Smith

Liliana Soltero

Lori Speier

Erin O’Leary Stewart

Doreen Stoller

Y. Ping Sun

Ginger Teague

Sharron Tomlin

Laura T. Van Syoc

Kelli Weinzierl

Stephanie Willinger

Beth Wolff

Christine Yates

Lyndsey Zorich


Joan and Stanford Alexander

Madeleine G. Appel

Karen Chiao

Brenda Cook Cialone

Flo Crady

Peggy and Bert DuPont

Jane Eifler

Patrick Hardwick

Punkin Hecht

G.G. Hsieh

Isabelle and Eric Mayer

Nancy Powell Moore

Mary Poag

Carol and Dan Price

Robert B. Symon

Ann Tuckwood

Deanne White