McGovern Centennial Gardens Art

Explore the McGovern Centennial Garden’s vast array of artworks to discover beautiful sculptures, honorable monuments, and meaningful connections to history. Immersed in the scenery of the gardens, these artworks offer enchanting opportunities for reflection.


Great Confucius

Willy Wang 
Great Confucius, 2009
Courtesy of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China

Great Confucius is a 2009 bronze sculpture of the Chinese editor, philosopher, politician, and teacher. The sculpture is by the artist Willy Wang, and it was dedicated to Hermann Park on September 26, 2009. The date commemorated the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and America, and it was given to the city to represent goodwill and friendship. The sculpture can be found along the perimeter of the rose garden.



Helen Journeay
Dawn, 1971
Bronze on brick pedestal.

Dawn is a 1971 bronze sculpture of a nude woman and a fawn on a brick pedestal, found among the delicate roses in the rose garden. Dawn is the work of Helen Journeay, who was an acclaimed American sculptor in the 1930’s.


Japanese Stone Lantern

Japanese Stone Lantern, 1982 
Courtesy of the people of Chiba City, Japan

The Japanese Stone Lantern, carved from white marble, is a sight to see between the arid garden and the rose garden. The Lantern symbolizes the bond between Chiba City, Japan and Houston, as it was dedicated in 1982 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the sister-city relationship.


Lillian Schnitzer Fountain Statue

J. Warrington Wood
Roman, 1839 – 1886 
Lillian Schnitzer Fountain Statue, 1875 
Bronze on Granite pedestal 
Courtesy of George Schnitzer

This antique sculpture of a graceful, kneeling woman, standing atop a granite base in a shallow pool, rests between the family and celebration gardens. Created in Rome by J. Warrington Wood in 1875, this sculpture and fountain are a beautiful dedication to the memory of Lillian Schnitzer: “A Spirit Still and Bright with Something of an Angel Light – 1964.”


Seeds, Trees, People

Randy Twaddle
Seeds, Trees, People, 2014 

Travel to the top of the mount to find 3 engraved benches, which serve as both a place for resting, and a place for reflection. Randy Twaddle’s Seeds, Trees, People is a centennial tribute created in 2014. The artwork's message for the future emphasizes the involvement of people: “If you think of a year, plant a seed. If in terms of ten years, plant trees. If in terms of one hundred years, teach the people.”  –  Confucius


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Monument

Ed Dwight 
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument, 2007 
Bronze on granite-cladded base
Commissioned by City Council member Ada Edwards and Hermann Park Conservancy

Found in the arid garden, this bronze sculpture helps keep Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s memory alive. By reflecting upon and honoring the ongoing support for racial equality, this 2007 work of the renowned artist Ed Dwight is an important part of the art scene in Hermann Park.

This artwork was commissioned by City Council member Ada Edwards and Hermann Park Conservancy.


Mahatma Gandhi Monument

Ram V. Sutar
Mahatma Gandhi, 2003
Bronze on granite base

Mounted atop a small hill, just across from the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument, the Mahatma Gandhi monument looks over the arid garden. Made by Ram Vanji Sutar in 2003, the graceful bronze statue stands on top a polished granite base.  Considered by many to be the father of modern India, this statue honors Gandhi’s many achievements as a leader, as well as his concept of passive resistance.


Silver Spike Monument

Silver Spike, 1982

Silver Spike was dedicated in 1983 for the centennial of the completion of the Southern Pacific Railway. The marble monument is incised with a dedicatory statement in both English and Mandarin, as it honors the connection between the rail line and the many Chinese workers who made it a success. Silver Spike can be found within the woodland garden.


Wilkenfeld Bench

Tommy Schlitzberger
Wilkenfeld Bench, 1995

This round, intricately carved granite bench offers a peaceful resting enclave by the edge of the Cherie Flores Garden Pavilion. The bench was created in 1995 by Tommy Schlitzberger, a well-known Houston Stone fabricator.