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Zoom Future Wetland Garden (MVVA)

Future Wetland Garden (MVVA)

Welcome to the Commons at Hermann Park, an exciting redevelopment for both people and nature. With an innovative playground, a vast lawn, space for public art, and food, the Commons is a welcoming civic space for all Houstonians.

Designed by legendary landscape architects Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, the Commons serves as a new vision for this corner of the Park.

A priority of the Hermann Park master plan is to invigorate the presence of nature and an element of the Commons project brings native plants back to Hermann Park where they once thrived as a tall grass prairie.

Visitors have a chance to enjoy a patch of wilderness in the middle of a busy city at the same time experiencing features of Houston’s natural heritage.

During the initial planting of the native seedbank, the occasional farm crop can also be found; radishes tilling the compacted soil and legumes restoring nitrogen deficiencies.

Once established, the colorful flowers provide food for wildlife such as the monarch butterfly and other insects; the grasses have water absorbing root systems that can penetrate the ground up to 16 feet deep; and migratory birds find seeds, insects, and shelter here as well.

These plantings give life to the soil, help mitigate flood waters, and benefit local fauna.

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Fall 2020

Early September - Expect to see initial evidence of conversion as the existing invasive species and weeds die down.
Late September - Native seeds and winter cover crops are planted. Bright green rye grass and the occasional radish can be found soon!

Spring 2021

March - Cover crops die back as temperatures begin to rise.
April - Aadditional native seeds and summer cover crops are planted.

What is being planted?

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