Enjoy a leisurely stroll in Hermann Park around the Jones Reflection Pool and McGovern Lake but don't miss walking through the Japanese Garden for a very Zen experience. More ambitious walkers can take the 2-mile Marvin Taylor Trail around the golf course but if you get tired, use the covered Greenway Trail to cut across the golf course to reduce your walk by half. 



Hermann Park is a great place to come and stretch your legs. Joggers love following the 2-mile Marvin Taylor Trail under the shade of the Park's historic live oaks. Check out a bike at the B-Cycle Station near Lake Plaza and ride over the Bill Coats Bridge to the Park's Urban Forest at Bayou Parkland.


Off the Path

Don’t miss the hidden gems of Hermann Park! Step off the beaten path to discover the natural beauty of Bayou Parkland, the serenity of the Japanese Garden, fun, site-specific art installations on loan to Hermann Park, and more. 


McGovern Centennial Gardens Art

Explore the McGovern Centennial Garden’s vast array of artworks to discover beautiful sculptures, honorable monuments, and meaningful connections to history. Immersed in the scenery of the gardens, these artworks offer enchanting opportunities for reflection.



Most of the flora intentionally planted in Hermann Park is a native or adapted Texas species. In the Park there are nearly 10,000 trees, some approaching 100 years old; there are also numerous young trees added to the Hermann Park landscape each year.

Trees in cities have a multitude of benefits such as lowering high city temperatures up to nine degrees Fahrenheit, providing shade to parked cars and buildings, absorbing atmospheric pollutants to improve the air quality, and assisting the control of storm water runoff (HARC, 2004). Take a closer look at some of Hermann Park’s most popular trees as you explore, and consider planting some Texas beauty in your very own yard.

Click here to learn about our reforestation program.


Doreen's Picks

Doreen Stoller, president of Hermann Park Conservancy for 18 years, loves spending time in Hermann Park.

Some of her favorite things to do include taking in the view of McGovern Lake from the Tiffany & Co. Foundation Bridge, relaxing on the Moonscape Bench and watching birds congregate on the islands in McGovern Lake, standing in the arch of the Sam Houston Monument and gazing across the Jones Reflection Pool, then stopping in Molly Ann Smith Plaza to wave to children on the Hermann Park Train as it winds its way through the Park.

She also enjoys watching colorful Koi dart in the stream in the Japanese Garden and taking the pedestrian underpass to the Bill Coats Bridge to watch birds fishing in Brays Bayou. Check out Doreen’s favorite spots for yourself with this guide!



Bring your special someone to Hermann Park and enjoy some of the most romantic spots in the city. 



Check out this guide for refreshing ideas on how to have fun and stay cool while enjoying the wonderful outdoors in the summer. Beyond these exciting, family-friendly destinations, we also recommend sunrise or sunset ventures to start or end your ideal summer day.